Gift of Text makes it easy for you to import and upload your contacts into your system. Simply upload a spreadsheet file in CSV format and you're ready to message your contacts. Gift of Text's SMS platform allows you to include your contacts' names, phone numbers, plus create custom data fields that allow you to collect other pieces of information such as email addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, family size, and more, making the possibilities of what you want to collect endless.

Mobile Keywords are unique words that you create for your audience to text to join your SMS texting program. They offer a quick and effective way to build your contact lists, and allow your audience to opt-in to receive coupons, special event invites, or any other form of promotion for your non-profit.For example, a youth ministry leader could create the keyword EMPOWER. Their members would opt in by texting EMPOWER to the short code 95577. Since your members are willingly consenting to receive messages from you, they'll be less likely to opt-out.

Give your members a convenient way to sign-up for your SMS alert program via the web in just a few quick steps. Online Sign-up Pages (OSPs)s give your audience the convenience of being able to sign-up for your messaging campaign using any browser.

A mobile keyword is any word you select for your members to text in order to subscribe for your alerts. When a member texts in your keyword, our software automatically captures their phone number and stores it for you in a secure database. In a flyer reading, "Text 'ENCOURAGE' to 12345 to get a encouraging messages," ENCOURAGE is the mobile keyword.

But that's just the beginning. With Gift of Text, you can collect even more member data to send personalized messages. Collect everything from names, birthdays, and email addresses to member preferences and other feedback.


A Short Code is a number that a text message, SMS or MMS, can be sent to. A short code is significantly shorter (5 or 6 digits) than standard 10 digit numbers, which makes them easier to read, remember, and input when dialing. A short code may be limited to a single mobile operator or can be considered a "common" short code number across different carriers of mobile phones. Short Codes are typically used with Mobile Keywords for text message campaigns for marketing or messaging purposes.

Mass SMS is the process of sending a text to a large number of recipients, all at once. With Gift of Text’s text messaging service, you can quickly broadcast your message to entire contact lists with a simple click of a button. We are supported by a large number of carriers, including hundreds of international ones, you’ll be able to scale to a massive amount of messages effortlessly. Our software also makes collecting contact information a breeze, and uploading your existing database simple.

Gift of Text has partnered with hundreds of global carriers, so you can reach whoever you want, whenever you want, across over 225 countries. Coupled with our scalable and reliable architecture, your SMS messages will be delivered globally, in the shortest time possible.

Exchanging text messages with your audience is now easier and more convenient than ever! Gift of Text's cross-channel SMS from Email feature lets you send text messages from your regular email address.

With this feature, you don't have to keep logging in and out of Gift of Text's software just to send a quick message or two. Instead directly send messages from your email that you're always on anyways.

You don't always have the time or ability to get to your computer when you want to send a message to your audience. With Gift of Text, you can send text messages to entire distribution lists in your database, directly from your mobile phone!

We know you have a busy schedule and sometimes don't have the opportunity to sit in front of a computer for hours a day. You need a service that's as mobile ready as you are. With Gift of Text's SMS from Phone feature, you can send mass messages to your entire audience, even when you're on the go.

We live in a world of color, so why should your messages be left without them? With Gift of Text, you can send gorgeous picture messages to draw in and captivate your audience.

Insert stunning pictures into your texts that grab your member’s attention. You can include your logo in every message to increase brand awareness, or send an invite to an event with the theme perfectly capture in a picture. Because honestly, which would you rather?

Cut down on low turnout with Cross-Channel Event/Appointment Reminders through text, email, and even voice. Text and voice messages are the most immediate and attention-grabbing form of communication. Just set the date and time - that's it! No one has to futz around checking the calendar or making live phone calls.


Auto responder is yet another one of Gift of Text's SMS Marketing features. Creating auto response messages allow you to automatically reply to members who opt in using your keyword, and to your text to vote and SMS poll campaigns. You can also reply back with different messages when you use our shuffle responder feature. Auto responses help you build a better connection with your members, allowing them to engage and be more interactive your with your non-profit.

SMS Polls and text to vote tools are the fastest and easiest way to know what your members want or how they feel. With Gift of Text, you can create a poll within minutes and gain instant and invaluable feedback, helping them feel more connected with you.

  • Our system automatically collects the phone number of each voter.

  • Both smartphones and conventional ones are able to enter a vote.

  • You can create up to 10 different voting options for each question.

  • Voting results are updated in real time for you to view.

  • Gift of Text ensures only one vote per phone.

  • Our system separates collected numbers by what they voted for so you can run more targeted campaigns in the future..

Give your audience an exciting and interactive experience with Text-to-Screen! Text-to-Screen lets anyone’s text become instantly displayed on a large screen for everyone to see. Gain valuable feedback and liven up an event, all in real time. And the best part? When someone texts a message to be posted on your screen, our software automatically captures and stores their phone number, giving you the ability to contact them in the future.

Establish complete two-way text conversations with your audience in two unique ways, bolstering engagement.. The first is through a mobile keyword and 5-digit short code. The other uses our Landline Texting feature to send and receive text messages through your existing non-profit or toll-free number. Now, you can finally harness the power of texting.


In 2016, 78 percent of U.S. Americans had a social network profile. Connect with audience where they are. . .online. Gift of Text allow you to update your exisitng Facebook and Twitter sites statues.

In today's digital world, members are more and more expecting communication to be relevant to them. With Gift of Text, you can automatically send personalized messages to each recipient, every time.

Gift of Text has tools that let you automatically sort your contacts into separate groups, so you can pair each message and offer with their best-matched recipients. What makes Gift of Text unique is that the Smart Targeting feature also works on member engagement history such as what messages they have click-through and response history.


Integrate Gift of Text’s powerful SMS API, designed for reliability, scalability, and flexibility, into your own system. We offer both a full REST API and HTTP API, so you get all of our SMS features no matter what language your application speaks. Whether you're an independent developer or Fortune 500, our easy-to-use SMS API offers you the ability to send text messages on a mass scale effortlessly.

Here are just a few of the features that Gift of Text’s SMS API comes with:

  • Mobile Keywords to quickly collect contact information

  • Auto-Responses to thank people who opt-in or direct them to a link

  • Ability to schedule one time only or recurring messages

  • Both dedicated and shared short codes

  • A full User Interface without imposed carrier surcharges

  • Scalability to large mass text messaging quantities.

When your non-profit grows to multiple locations or ministries, you don’t have to give up the control you enjoyed with a one location system. With Gift of Text’s unique features, specifically engineered for multi-user and multi-location enterprises, you’ll be able to organize your minitries like never before.

It doesn’t make sense for your Men's Ministry to contact youth choir members. So why would they have access to that contact data? With Gift of Text, you can set which features and data each user or location has access to.

Today, simply having access to SMS messaging capabilities is not enough. Non-profits need to maximize their time and energy, and eliminate processes that do not provide the appropriate return on investment per effort. Fortunately, with Gift of Text's SMS Marketing Automation, non-profits are able to cut down on unnecessary operations and tasks while doing far more than they ever were able to before.


Embed links into your SMS messages that lead to webpages you want your audience to land on. Gift of Text also automatically tracks who clicked on it and who didn’t for you, so you can plan your next course of action.

There are many ways you could use this SMS feature. You could embed a link into an announcement about a future event. You could also embed a link that leads members to a download of your mobile app.